Using a combination of psychometric tests and face-to-face interview I undertake psychological assessments for both individuals and organisations, to screen for: fitness for a specific role, resilience levels, PTSD and secondary trauma, and more general mental health and personality traits. A full written report is provided on completion of an assessment, whilst maintaining confidentiality.  These reports are the used by companies and individuals to assess both strengths and areas where support is required.

Examples of work:

•    Individuals looking to understand their personality to improve their effectiveness at work

•   Companies looking to ensure employees are fit for role, enhance productivity, reduce sickness levels

•   Help companies identify and respond to their duty of care

•   Help teams identify areas of risk and how to manage them.

•   Identify and develop risk management strategies

•   Help companies identify areas of high risk where employees will need specific support

•   Recognition of any health and welfare dangers and how to minimise risk / safeguard employees

 I am able to undertake risk assessments of the impact of a certain role or requirement on an individual or group’s health and welfare, developing guidelines and role risk assessments in partnership with organisations where required. I am also able to implement support, monitoring and screening for roles that have been assessed to pose a risk to health and welfare.  I have been an Accredited Psychometric Assessor, Occupational (RQTU, BPS) since 2013, and am trained to administer the 16PF Occupational Personality Test. (OPP).  


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